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Q1. How big does my cylinder need to be?

Our own in-house technical team are equipped to answer your queries enabling you to specify the cylinder you require.

Q2. Is there a maximum cylinder length to which you manufacture?

Up to 5 metres stroke. However this is dependent upon the specification, particularly for the larger bore cylinders.

Q3. What is the turnaround time for a customised product?

Customised cylinders are generally delivered within four weeks of receipt of drawing approval.

Q4. What delivery services are available for a product?

Depending upon the size of load, the earliest delivery can be 9.30 a.m. next day delivery after completion of manufacture.

Q5. What type of guarantees does your company offer?

6 months guarantee from date of despatch of new products. For more comprehensive information please ask for our Standard Terms of Business.

Q6. Do you provide a complete hydraulic design service?

We design hydraulic cylinders, but our sales agents do offer the complete design package including power packs, special valving etc.

Q7. What kind of After Sales service do you provide?

As all our cylinders are stamped with serial numbers we can trace every one and are able to offer a comprehensive spares service.

Q8. Which sectors primarily use your products?

We operate in many markets including automotive, access equipment, railroad, waste, industrial, materials handling etc.