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Patented Power steering Cylinder

Lodematic have recently patented a Hydraulic Power Steering Cylinder aimed at the international automotive market. It has been designed to not only improve the manoeuvrability of long vehicles in tight spaces but also to reduce fuel costs. As the steering wheel of the vehicle is turned, an electronic signal is sent for hydraulic pressure to be applied to the Power Steering Cylinder, which then turns the wheels on the rear axle of a vehicle. With both front and rear wheels turning, the turning circle of the vehicle is significantly reduced, thereby improving manoeuvrability. Additionally the ability of the Power Steering Cylinder to steer wheels on the rear axle when driving round corners significantly reduces tyre scrub and can result in reduced fuel costs. The Power Steering Cylinder has a unique failsafe system incorporated into the patented design, where the Power Steering Cylinder locks the wheels into a central position if there is any failure of the hydraulic system.