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Hydraulic Rampumps

Hydraulic RampumpThe SX Series Hydraulic Rampump combines a 38mm bore single acting Hydraulic Ram Cylinder with the Lodematic HP2 Hydraulic Handpump.

Using different lengths of Hydraulic Rams the SX series Rampump operates at strokes ranging from 150-1000mm and is designed to handle up to 2000 kg force at 170 bar thrust, with up to 30 degree articulation. It is suited to all weather heavy duty operation in lifting and tilting applications such as tilt deck car transporters, plant trailers, conveyors and stacker trucks.  All Lodematic rampumps provide an output of 14 cm³ per double stroke.

Hydraulic Hand Pumps

The Lodematic handpump range includes the HP2 with reservoir assembly in five size options, and the HP2LT with a gasket mounting.

These rugged double-acting handpumps, suitable for pressures up to 210 bar (3000 lb/in²), feature a fully enclosed mechanism for a long wear life and trouble-free all-weather operation.   They are suited to agricultural, industrial, mobile and mining  applications.